International Students Residence

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The Résidence Internationale, situated near the university campus, offers an international atmosphere in the heart of Dijon. All buildings were rehabilitated.
Near the Résidence Internationale you will find a wide variety of sports facilities (swimming pool, ice rink, velodrome, football ground) and local shops. The town centre is 15 minutes away by tram.


  • Single rooms (from €406 Monthly)
    The Résidence Internationale has 300 furnished single rooms, each equipped with shower, toilet and sink, a refrigerator, telephone and internet access. Kitchens are to be found on each floor and a launderette is available for residents.
  • Appartments
    There are also 100 fully-furnished apartments (from one-bedroom to 3-bedrooms) with kitchenette, telephone and Internet access.
  • Fees
    One-bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
    406 €/monthly 450 €/monthly 613 €/monthly 724 €/monthly

Reception desk

A reception service is provided on a 24-hour basis, each day throughout the year, to receive and transfer external telephone calls and to answer all your enquiries.



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