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The international center for french studies (CIEF)

Practical details


Students are strongly advised to ask the French Consulate for detailed information concerning the conditions to be satisfied in order to study in a French language centre. If students intend to stay in France for over three months, they should obtain a visa from the French Consulate marked "séjour pour études", before leaving their country (this does not apply to countries exempted from visas).

Arrival in Dijon

The compulsory placement test at the beginning of each session is always organized on the first Monday of the session. It is therefore advisable for students to plan to arrive in Dijon at the latest the day before, which means on the previous Sunday. A special reception service is organized at the local train station on the following Sundays :

  • September 23rd 2018
  • January 27th 2019
  • June 30th  2019
  • July 28th 2019
  • September 22th 2019
  • January 26th 2020

On those days a shuttle will take you to your place of residence between 9 am and 12.30 am and from 2 pm until 7.30 pm.

Should you arrive any other day, the CIEF can be reached by Tram No T1 (stop: Erasme). For the Résidence Internationale take Tram No T1 (stop: Grésilles).


Students should subsequently check in at the CIEF office to pay their tuition fees (by cheque, credit card or in cash).
They should bring with them their registration certificate.

Residence permit

Students wishing to stay in France for over three months must apply for a residence permit. In order to obtain it, they must go to the Préfecture de la Côte-d’Or with the following items :

  • An official copy of their birth certificate and, if necessary, their marriage certificate (translated into French in both cases)
  • Written proof of a monthly income of at least € 620
  • Written proof of insurance coverage.

Health Insurance

  • Students from countries belonging to the European Union (EU) must collect the European Health Insurance Card before departure.
  • All other students must produce a valid health insurance certificate.

All medical expenses will be charged to students.


Meals are available at the University restaurants and cafeterias.


Students are insured for all the activities organized by the CIEF. However for all other risks linked to their journey and stay in France (accident, theft, illness, civil liability) they should take out personal insurance before their departure. As far as accommodation is concerned, extra insurance should also be arranged to cover risks of fire, water damage and theft.


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