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Semester Courses

The CIEF offers semester courses throughout the year: Summer (June to September), Fall (October to January), and Spring (February to May).
These courses are designed for beginners as well as for all those wishing to extend and improve their knowledge of French.

General Organization

Each semester lasts 15 weeks. The first week begins with an orientation test to determine students’ level, and continues with guided tours of the university campus and the town, as well as excursions, conferences and cultural activities. Classes are held over 13 weeks. The final week is set aside for examinations.

Organization of teaching

Levels : Beginners to Advanced
The courses follow the levels defined by the Council of Europe :

A1 : Breakthrough – A2 : Waystage – B1 : Threshold – B2 : Vantage – C1 : Effective Operational Proficiency – C2 : Mastery

Number of hours : between 17 and 22 each week (depending on the level and the options followed)

  • Language classes and workshops (compulsory at all levels)
  • Lectures on subjects of general cultural interest (compulsory for diploma courses)
  • University courses in different Faculties of the University of Burgundy (during the fall and spring semesters)

The language classes and workshops use up-to-date language-learning methods and original documentary material.

Students are provided with full details of the lectures and optional courses at the beginning of each semester. Subjects include :

  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • History of Art
  • French song


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