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The international center for french studies (CIEF)

Why come to Dijon ?


Just an hour and a half from Paris, there is a city that has many attractions to seduce the great traveller : DIJON. A city with a rich and fascinating cultural heritage that can be discovered by walking through the narrow, picturesque streets, enabling you to admire the many bell towers and glazed tiles combined with the white stone of its houses. Offering the prospect of a relaxing stroll, its historic center is easy to walk through and transports you to streets marked by the history of the Dukes of Burgundy, of which Dijon was the capital. The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, the Museum of Fine Arts, half-timbered houses and private mansions will mark out your walk.

You will be accompanied during your stroll by the delicious smells of beef bourguignon, poached eggs, snails, and Burgundy wines which testify to a culinary tradition contributing to the very best of French gastronomy. In fact, Dijon is one of only three cities in France to be awarded the title `City of Gastronomy`.

Dijon is famed for the many comforts and amenities it offers.

The city is full of opportunities for students who would like to come and study in Dijon but also enjoy the rich and diverse cultural offerings to which they can have access at preferential prices due to the Culture Card. Cinema, concerts, operas... are then easily available within the students' budget.

In short, Dijon is a city whose character and traditions will not escape visitors. Without giving up modernity, it has been able to adapt to its time and its inhabitants. Between the gastronomic and wine experiences, the walks among the most picturesque monuments and historic buildings, the traveller or the student will certainly find many assets for a stay in the capital of the Dukes of Burgundy.